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About true dates with Asian and Eastern European girls
Top sites and apps for dating online
Sugar babies and relationships date advice
How do I true date a Ukrainian sugar baby?
Questions and answers
What are good first date questions?
What are good questions to ask a sugar baby online?
How to become a mentor for a sugar baby
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About true dates with Asian and Eastern European girls

Dating blogs will never loose their popularity, not only because they open our eyes for the most beautiful girls of other nationalities. Modern singles are too busy for learning about relationships elsewhere.
Exactly due to being occupied with urgent tasks most of the time, people want to have true dates, without wasting their time or big money. Meeting other singles should be as easy as breathing.

Best dating experts realize these natural demands, and offer their informational help and assistance. That’s why top dating blogs hire professional psychologists and experienced world travelers.
Chatting online with a hot Asian girl or classy Ukrainian lady isn’t difficult, they are registered on dozens of top dating sites. But meeting them in real takes some more knowledge and efforts.

Both Asian and Eastern European countries are situated far away, so it makes sense to travel only if you arranged the meetings with at least five or six girls. At least, dating specialists say so.
Only the Philippines are well inhabited by westerners who in fact consider this country their summer houses area. Many get retired there and re-marry or just find a stable Asian girlfriend.

Top sites and apps for dating online


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Sugar babies and relationships date advice

Successful businessmen and guys of modest professions often find sugar dating fair enough to try it out. On a contrary to negative stereotypes about it, sugar dating is honest and rewarding.
Judge yourself: the most frequent complaint or fear in online dating is encountering a scammer. It’s a person who charges us without our approval or even being aware of that. No one likes such a thing.

On the opposite, we pamper our sugar baby only when we want it, and in the way we want it. Everything is agreed in advance, so there are no unpleasant surprises or undesirable waste.
Not each sugar baby is expensive. Firstly, there are hookup girls for one night only, and they do not mind to just go out together once. Secondly, in some countries, it’s enough to buy meals to a girl.

Filipina bar girls

The Philippines and Brazil are definitely in this list. It’s a well-known fact that Filipina bar girls are getting excited simply by being showered with little coins. Excited enough to hookup after!
Even high-maintenance Filipina women require only a shampoo, a casual dress, a cheap smart phone. These simple things make them so happy that a few weeks of great sex is guaranteed to you.

How do I true date a Ukrainian sugar baby?

Lately, Ukrainian dating grows very popular among westerners who want a low-budget younger girl. Why so? Because their situation isn’t much better than in the Philippines, but they’re way prettier.
It is said that beauty comes from within, and it’s true in case with Ukrainian girls, since they’re very educated and have great values in life. But they’re also sportive and fit, much more than Filipinas.

They can also be called exotic beauties since there’s such a huge mix of ethnicities in Ukraine, many cities of which were built by Europeans and many harbors visited internationally.
Because of this resort kind of thinking and living, Ukrainians are way more open-minded than Russians, and remain flexible in regard or relationships. One can easily conquer a hot girl there.

Ukrainian dating

Their patriarchal traditions include dating with a big age gap, and no one considers it wrong. However, these proud women don’t like to feel like they’re selling themselves, in any way.
They prefer romance, sweetness, mutual respect, so their sugar dating affairs must also be based on these principles. If one manages to keep it this way, he gets greatly rewarded with sex and caresses.

Questions and answers

How do I know I am her only lover?
In progressive countries, a sugar baby combines dating several sponsors. In poorer countries, things are more traditional but a girl’s basic needs should be covered.

How to detect real sexy photos?
Compare the girl’s shapes on different photos, they cannot all be Photoshopped in the same way.

How does a Russian girl want to impress me?
Russian women love showing their cooking, a tidy house, beautiful lingerie.

How do I suggest some experiments to a Russian girl?
Normally, it takes some more time and some more trust to do unusual things in a bed.

How to hookup in Ukraine with a bigger guarantee?
Mostly shallow girls, kind of Instagram models hookup easier, so it’s up to you and your priorities.

How to avoid misunderstandings on the meeting?
It is really recommended to discuss things in advance, and as detailed as your politeness allows.

What to do if a girl ghosted on me?
Always have several options to choose from, so meet several hot girls online.

What to do if she wants shopping first?
You can accompany out of courtesy, but use any reasons not to spend much.

hookup in Ukraine

What are good first date questions?

• What do you expect from your man?
• What is your biggest advantage, by your opinion?
• Do you spend a lot of time dressing and putting makeup?
• What is your most sensitive zone?
• What do you desire to try and what are you afraid to try?
• What can make you stop wanting a man?
• Can you make love with bright lights on?
• Have you tried sex on a beach and would you like to repeat?
• Are you a clubber or a sport addict?
• Do you enjoy cross-dressing and role playing in a bed?

What are good questions to ask a sugar baby online?

• How long are you in search?
• What are some of your requirements?
• Would you prefer flowers or useful items?
• Are you really ok with our age gap?
• What was your most unusual place for sex and romance?
• Would you ply striptease for me?
• Do you prefer tight leather clothes or babydoll dresses?
• Do you like to tease your partner in a cinema or theatre?
• Would you do the body sushi for me?
• What are some of your healthy habits?

How to become a mentor for a sugar baby

Being a mentor isn’t exactly the same as being a sponsor or a pocket money daddy. It means that an older man is helping to a girl with a professional advice and useful connections, rather than money.
It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, experts admit. First of all, it’s a positive thing since only a smart and ambitious girl would need this kind of assistance. Bimbos don’t like to work at all.

Secondly, young women from undeveloped countries are thankful for any informational support, literally. If you can recommend them as babysitters, au pair, or a dish washer, they can be pretty thankful.
For those who speak basic English, it is appropriate to help with little things in the office, such as xerocopy or making coffee. You shouldn’t be a billionaire to find them such small jobs.

young women

As you can see, mentoring a young sexy girl isn’t a burden, it’s easy and pleasant, but the most important, rewarding. Beautiful women who appreciate your care, can do anything for you.
Of course, it works only for survivors from poor Latin American and Asian countries, the conflict zone in Ukraine. But it works nonetheless, and dating experts recommend to take this chance.
Once you raise your social and financial level and want to hookup high-class models, you can switch to a more qualitative mentoring and suggest the best careers to your younger lovers.

Remember that for a hot girl from a patriarchal environment, a man is always on a pedestal, so be confident and strong yet kind and protective. Girls will adore and admire you highly then.
The most experienced mentors manage to spend nothing by choosing girls from the province who don’t have any solutions. The littlest informational support makes miracles, and helps to get laid.

Success stories about true dates

“Maria was my very first experience in Russian dating, she was a model beginner from Krasnoyarsk and didn’t have any job for months. I got her a good family to work as a babysitter.
The amount they paid, was considerable for her so I became her savior without spending a penny of my own. I cannot describe her thankfulness, she fell in love with me like a cat since I rescued her.
We are still seeing each other and I know I am her only lover. She slowly starts to proceed with her model career here in the US but it’s tough. Babysitting is still a solution for her”.

hookuping in Thailand

“I was hookuping in Thailand for a while already before I met Ayna. She is a dancer but her income is never enough. I recommended her to my friends who often held corporative parties in Thai.
Thus, I knew that nobody would touch her there, only a good payment for dancing and animating. She sings a bit too. They started to invite her often, and told to other businessmen too.
Ayna said I changed her situation to the better completely, and wanted to thank me with sex. Who would refuse since she is so young and cordial. We are still lovers, although I am not sponsoring.
I think women from countries like Thailand, are easy to care about and easy to love. They are sweet, harmless, joyful, everything that we men love. You don’t need the money at all to date a young chick”.

“I found this jewel, Irina in Ukraine, in the deepest province. We met online and then I came to Odessa where she visited her schoolmate. We danced at the beach nightclub and swam together.
It was the best moonlight sex in my life. She later confessed she did it because she thought I was rich. Her parents were unwell and she needed some help to make the ends meet. I thanked for her honesty.
She didn’t steal from me and didn’t scam me, just asked politely. I gave her contacts of my friend who owned a little real estate company in Odessa, then he hired her as a secretary.
I helped her a lot without doing much. Also I knew she was in good hands since my friend was happily married and had two babies with his wife. Irina only worked and nothing more.
Her salary was more than sufficient and she solved all of her difficulties. She said she liked me as a man and as a person so we continued dating. I never spent more than a few bucks but we hookuped lots”.

Slavic girl online

“Ann was my super cool dating experience in Belarus. They have strict moral rules there but she was so grateful I helped her with her student visa, through my buddy a professor. She became my lover.
We dated both in her country and in the US, in turn. It was great since I always had a weakness for subtle blonde girls. We tried so many things together I didn’t expect that from a modest Slavic girl.
Then I helped her more when I recommended her to my neighbors who needed a maid and a helper to their elderlies. They paid so well even I didn’t have such a salary. She was crazily thankful.
We are still spending together each weekend of her, although she is twenty years younger. We do not feel that difference and simply enjoy. She says she is relaxing well with me after hard work.
My experience shows casual sex with Eastern European girls is easy, you just have to help them a little bit, give them a friendly shoulder and they will spread their wings. Not all of them are trophy wives”.