A modern culture is raising the expectations we’d accept the hookup idea any time. But there are actually many respectable reasons not to. Here are some of them listed by the experts.

  • Lack of experience. Innocence still happens today, although rarely. An inexperienced guy has all the right to think twice and weight whether he wants just a hookup.
  • Having a crush. It’s so typical to have first love or unconditional commitment at young age. It’s normal if you doubt whether you want to be seduced so cheaply.
  • Family patterns. If one’s heart is not taken, but he keeps on seeing his parents’ happy example, he will surely test the waters several times before ever jumping.
  • Laziness. Yep, it’s another typical trait of the youth! Do not feel embarrassed by that. Our spare time is too precious to spend it with just anyone, so it’s all normal.
  • Girl’s easy virtue. Sometimes it’s good to have an experienced female lover who can teach us things. But if a big number of her hookups is obvious, it’s discouraging.