I’m a seasoned sugar daddy living in Los Angeles. I worked closed with celebrities and movie producers because I run the most well-known charity in California. Therefore, I’m qualified to talk about the best sex dating apps that I’ve tried in my life.

~1~ Brilic

Sugar Daddy’s brilic

Brilic dating app is the best sex dating app so far. I’ve been using various reliable dating apps since 2009 and I can say that Brilic is the single most important dating app on the market, because it allows members to meet each other in organic ways – just like what our ancestors did. I met the hottest sugar baby in the world here. In Los Angeles, I’ve seen too many pretty women who are either super models or Hollywood actresses. Yet this sugar baby looks better than them! Overall, women on Brilic are extremely sexy, hot and attractive. I highly recommend people to join Brilic due to the high quality of women there.

~2~ SugarD


SugarD is the most honest sugar daddy dating app in my opinion because generous members go through income verification and attractive members go through beauty verification. Only rich men with an annual income above $200,000 can get a Diamond Certificate, i.e. a token for status &hot women can upload their photos without makeup so that they can get a beauty verification token as well. As a result, I haven’t met a fake sugar baby here. Every hot girl on SugarD is very genuine because those without beauty verification tokens can’t be successful in this community anyway – they are immediately ignored by me. Better still, this app works a bit like Instagram because it allows members to showcase their lifestyle on this platform. That helps me to understand sugar babies before meeting them in person.

~3~ Ashley Madison


All right. I admit that I have a fetish for married women. When I was younger, I always fantasizedabout my neighbor’s wife. I know that was a bit sick, but I couldn’t control my thoughts. Anyway, I downloaded Ashley Madison in order to meet married women who are absolutely hot. I always want to sleep with hot women who are married to billionaires. Maybe that’s because I’m only a multi-millionaire and I’ll never become a billionaire? Well, the truth is I’m rich enough, but there are gatekeepers in the society – people who work in my industry will never become billionaires due to the nature of this industry. Therefore, I just want to have affairs with billionaires’ wives. Have I had any good luck on Ashley Madison, the infamous adultery hookup app? Yes, in 2018 I slept with two pretty ladies who were married to billionaires. Now you wonder why filthy rich guys’ wives want to cheat on their extremely rich husbands, right? Well, why did Wendi Deng cheat on Rupert Murdoch?

~4~ KinkD

KinkD Fetish BDSM Dating Life

KinkD is a BDSM dating app for men like me. I’m interested in almost every aspect of BDSM and I’ve seen three Fifty Shades movies (I am not a fan of that novel series, but I love these movies). As an established sugar daddy with fetishes and preferences, I particularly enjoyed KinkD dating app because it helped me to meet the most interesting women in the world. These girls are not only good-looking, but also fun! They are the good time! I always give these hot girls a reward after they satisfied me, so they literally called me “daddy” in bed with gratitude.

~5~ Vanilla Umbrella

VU BDSM Dating& Fet Life Style Chat Meet Personals

I’m not the regular sugar daddy who only uses sugar daddy dating apps because I’m happy to explore more! Vanilla Umbrella (VU) is another discovery that I found a while ago. This is really a diamond in the rough because this app isn’t very well-known, but it’s phenomenal. It’s not about vanilla sex; it’s about BDSM!

~6~ Tantan

Tantan - Genuine Dating

Another fetish of mine is Asian women. I joined Tantan in order to meet Asian girls, especially Chinese beauties. Chinese ladies on Tantan dating app are gorgeous, gracious and great! They have the right looks, the right manners and the right characters that I love. Also, women from China are very practical, so they understand the dynamics of mutually beneficial relationships extremely well. Therefore, I don’t need to explain what “arrangement” means. These Chinese women are very switched-on, modern women.

~7~ iPair

iPair- Chat ,Meet New People

iPair dating app is another Chinese dating app for me to meet hot ladies from China. I use iPair and Tantan at the same time so that I can maximize my chance to meet the right girl from China whenever I feel bored. Of course, I always give my sugar babies allowance and gifts after they’ve met my needs in the bedroom – every single time!

~8~ Dine

Dine Dating App

Dine dating app is all about dinner dates with pretty girls. In Los Angeles, there are many high-end restaurants that I’ve enjoyed with pretty ladies’ companion. Each time I want to go out for dinner, I just log on Dine dating app and get a hot girl to go out with me. Hot girls are very happy because I can afford to take them to the best restaurants and I never expect them to pay for anything. But I do expect them to look amazing – my favorite looks: Lucy Liu, Coco Lee, Michelle Yeoh and Elva Hsiao. Therefore, the Asian beauty that I date need to look like one of those celebrities, ideally.

~9~ Mint

Mint Online Dating App & Chat

I joined this app only because of its name, but it turns out to be better than what I expected. Many sugar babies joined Mint dating app because they thought it’s a sugar daddy dating app (look at its freaking name)! But overall, the quality of women on this app is high, I think. Also, this is the only mainstream dating app without ads, so I like it!

~10~ Seeking


Oh, I nearly forgot one of the most paramount sugar dating apps in the world: Seeking! This app used to have a different name “Seeking Arrangement”. Due to some policy changes, Reflex Media has rebranded this sugar daddy dating app and now it’s called Seeking. If a rich man wants to enter the sugar bowl, this is a good place to start the journey because Seeking dating app is extremely easy to use. However, it seems that almost every sugar daddy dating app is removed by Apple, so you may want to get an Android phone to get started.

Just now I had a look at iTunes and have realized that every millionaire dating app has be removed by Apple. Obviously, Apple is getting more and more strict for no reason. But anyway, we can still access wealthy dating apps on Android or directly visit their websites on a laptop. I highly encouragewealthy men to try some of these apps because life is short & we’d better have some fun before it’s too late, right? So far, I’ve slept with nearly 200 sugar babies over one decade because I take action fast. Just like Rupert Murdoch famously said, “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Yes, I believe that speed is everything when it comes to getting laid in the digital age.

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