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Have had enough of women who pretend to be men, being rude, arrogant, cruel and cynical, looking for a one-night stand, and not believing in love? Women who forgot about romance and tenderness claiming they don’t care about men and can easily live without them? Well, you may catch a break, because you are now in a completely different place. Welcome to the dating Kharkov where real women are looking for real men. These lovely women here are dreaming of a simple female happiness. They wish to find a loving husband to build a cozy nest together. They would like to take care of their home with their delicate female hands, making it neat, comfortable, tidy and nice. They would also be happy to take care of their husband, giving him their love and respect. They would like the idea of bringing the children up themselves, without the help of baby-sitters, to be constantly near, educate and teach the most important values.

Who are these women? They are not real, you might say. But you are wrong, they are absolutely real, they are from Kharkov, Ukraine and they are waiting for you to find them. Please pay attention, those are not desperate women whom nobody wants. They are extremely attractive and outstandingly beautiful. They know how to look good and take care of themselves, what is more they actually like it. But they don’t want a usual man, they are looking for a gentleman, a real man, a hero who will come for them, as they lack such men in their neighborhood. In other words, they are looking for you. They believe they deserve a better fate with a man who will be as loving and caring as they are. And they are right, because women like them are worth their weight in gold. Such women are able to make a man happy, make him feel satisfied and appreciated, loved and proud. They are romantic and don’t want to give up on their dreams about a knight in shining armor who will come to save them from the scary dragon. Wouldn’t you like to feel the valiant knight coming back to his castle with the glorious grateful princess?

Look through the profiles our marriage agency has to offer. You’ll see so many beautiful valuable women that it might be hard for you to choose the one, as you might fall in love with all of them. But take your time and you’ll find your soul mate here. You’ll see really rare precious gems, who are mature grown-up women, knowing how to take care of their man on the one hand and naïve girls believing in their beautiful prince on the other.