There are two types of character that have Baltic ladies (impulsive and timid).  Impulsive ones can be easily distinguished among other women. They try to upload their sexiest photos on their webpage to draw as much as possible attention to their persona while timid ones are using words as an expression method.  However one common thing connects both of these characters and that is beauty and care. It is not a common suggestion but a real fact that Poland ladies are great housekeepers, wives and loving mothers. Women from this region are loyal to their husbands and make anything to get same loyalty in return. If the balance in the family is unstable, they do everything to regain that balance and peace. Poland brides make man’s life comfortable. Family table will always be full with amazing cooking. There are thousands of reasons why Baltic women are better than women from other countries. Distant relationships are easier than dating in person. There is no tension and timid, only feelings and passion. So it’s best to try the relationships using dating agencies and see if the personalities of you and your soul mate match.