Getting a Russian bridePeople feel your energy. A low level of energy or the negative type of energy, are the type which is considered heavy, and eventually every single woman in the world will feel it very easily. This kind of energy is normal in the world of people who were neglected, who are tired, sick, or upset, and who are desperate and miss something in their life. This type of men would never be able to get the woman they want in their life, because each beautiful woman is usually successful, and eventually if she has a lot of admirers and success it is double hard to get her being in good mood, and simply impossible while being so negative about everything, no one needs a depressed person by their side, as usually if people are depressed and you are trying to get them out of their shell, then eventually little by little you will end up being in that shell, and it doesn’t really matter in this case if that person was or was not able to escape from its depression.

It is all a great pleasure to communicate with a person who is positive and pleasant, with who you feel joy, and don’t want your date to ever finish, there are not that many people with this kind of pleasant energy in the world actually, but those who are, they are always surrounded by people who can’t get enough of their aura. People have the ability to feel your energy, and act towards you same as you act towards them.

A great thing while going on a date would be to show the great sense of humor of course. There is no need in saying a bunch of funny and ironic stories; it is more than enough showing positive attitude towards life and surrounding people. One of the most important rules is not to ever laugh on someone’s expense, as you never know, one day you might become that person about whom everyone around is laughing, and it will certainly be not a very pleasant thing. It is safe laughing upon yourself, but still it is good to know the limits even in joking upon yourself, as you never know when people will start taking your jokes serious, and this way there is a risk of creating a major misunderstanding, which can lead to lack of communication, or reserved communication later.


The common mistake Russian women often do is making jokes, mean ones upon foreigners, when they try to make them look silly, there is no need in getting upset with them, lack of home discipline is not their fault at all, you can be mercy and forgiving better.

While getting to know a new person, and allowing that person to enter our life, we all go through certain issues, such as fear that she might not like you, or fear that she will not like your sense of humor or the way you are dressed. All of those fears cause stress, and the inability to talk while meeting, this is exactly what is called being astonished and whispering some silly things on the first date. So while doing that there is a need to know in your mind that the other person is stressed as well, and even if she doesn’t show it, she certainly is stressed, so be patient and understanding towards each other since the first day when your eyes see each other, otherwise there is a big chance that will relationship will never work out. Love, respect, mutual understanding and patience those are the things that are building an ideal relationship between two people.

Do not be afraid to reveal your heart and soul towards the person in the case when you feel that it is your person, a little bit of affection and tenderness were never something out of understanding, so use it as much as possible in the attempt of becoming happy in the future. Everything is possible with little belief and efforts.