Many couples think that the bed is the only place for sexual intercourse. Well some men and women manage to take the prelude into online world, to online chat in Edinburgh. A warm and cozy bedroom is more inspiring for the body than the new experiments, and that the soul persistently calling on nature. It may be wise to surrender to the call of the nature. After all, in this world nothing is impossible! Before you take any decision you should know about all the pitfalls of this idea.


To some this may seem savage like, others think that it’s exciting and terribly romantic. In fact, sex on the open air is quite natural and built in each of us genetically. Imagine this: only about nature, head over to the open sky, hear only the sound of wind and the rustle of leaves. You can completely give in to these emotions, not afraid to wake the neighbors, even sing, even cry, no one will blame you. Moreover, it is possible to use almost any position, from the most simple to the most original. Isn’t this exciting? You can’t replicate thing you can do there with things that you do at online chat in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, every coin has a reverse side, and nature has its own factors, which can easily ruin your mood. First of all, it is, of course, the weather. Select the day, preferably sunny and starry night. And that aura of passion has not died away, be sure to create a homely feel of the bed. Otherwise, very soon, you’ll be cursing all the world, feeling on your feet crawling like ants, grass mercilessly irritating. We should not forget the fact that at night the dew ground gets wet. Do not forget also to protect yourself from the insects, use the spray. Otherwise bites are guaranteed. After reading all of this, you start thinking of a better way – first thought that comes to mind is personals Edinburgh.

Sex on the beach

How romantic and erotic sex can be imagined in the sea: clear sky, bright sun, warm sand, the surf, the cool spray flies sometimes … what could be better! Item selection is also quite large, but do not forget that the place has to be the most secluded and hidden from prying eyes. As well, under any circumstances, do not forget that the sun spares no one, and that won’t be the end of your adventure – burns or sunstroke won’t make you enjoy the moment. A lot of discomfort on the beach can give you sand, the property has a terrible stick everywhere, so be careful.

Sex in the water

Sex in the water for many looks very tempting. So many rumors you can find at online chat in Edinburgh. Interest heated numerous movies in which the characters so beautifully and passionately give themselves to the delights of water sex. In reality things are not so simple. First of all, the water is not a solid ground, so the choice of positions is limited. Moreover water is filled with germs. Of course, even just swimming it’s not that big of a deal. But sexual intercourse exacerbates this process. If you prefer a swimming pool, do not forget that chlorine can cause irritation and even allergic. Another unpleasant, but important point: a natural lubricant quickly washed with water, and eventually can become quite uncomfortable. And at the end, having sex in a river, you should consider the intensity of the current, and the force of the sea waves. These maybe small but very important details need to be observed.  search you sex love here.